María, 13 de septiembre, 2015

The 6 reasons why I heart my iPhone

He is probably the (other) man of my life. My lifeboat. My pillow. My friend.

My iPhone. It’s a him. So I heart him.

Here are the 6 reasons why:

1. He doesn’t mind where I am; he always keeps me company. At planes and doctors’ waiting halls. Before a meeting when client runs late. At bars while eating a fast snack for lunch. At 5 am when either one of the kids wakes up and then falls asleep again and leaves me unable to go back to bed… It is always there (as long as battery is charged, of course).

2. His physical appearance (covers) is an endless, changing & evolving personification of my feelings. Family pics, colorful stuff, naive patterns, flags, vintage images… I change, covers change. My iPhone follows me.

3. He fits my hand perfectly. And considering how difficult it is to find things (pants, shorts, dresses, bras, even shoes) that fit me just right, this is a very relevant fact. My iPhone does not modify his relationship with me if I gain weight.

4. He respects my decisions and timings. Lets me call my friends anytime. Lets me check the news and search for things I need, like «right now». Lets me play card games to evade reality and takes legen(wait-for-it)dary pictures of everything. He shows me how to get anywhere without judging my driving. He plays the music I love as loud as I love. He tells me if it’s gonna be sunny so that I can choose a light tee and even turns into a mirror so that I can check my permanent eyebags. So, he just gives me what I need.

5. The apps. Oh, the apps. Apart from basic ones, my iPhone opens a wide universe of services I didn’t even know I needed and then makes me need them for ever. Games for the kids, games for me, RunKeeper, TV Forecast, my favorite radio station, Artkive, Remote, Scan, Passbook… And then loads of option on To-Do lists (my obsession). And all the Social stuff, which I «need for daily survival».

6. He connects me to my home and to iHim. He shares everything with those who make my life as it is, sharing pictures and videos, making the trip up to the cloud and back down so that everything I know is everything iHim knows when it comes to our family. And THAT is wow, and I mean, WOW.

And this is just one of the reasons why I’m becoming a mompreneur and giving birth to Kidetario and a few other apps to live in your smartphone and help you live better.




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Publicado: 13 de septiembre, 2015

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